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Do you want to quit smoking and looking for the right vaping device? You may have myriad of question about how it works? If you should go for standard vape device with e liquid or modern Juul System? How long one Juul Pod last? How often it needs to be recharged? We will go through 2 of the most frequent asked question in this article.

One of the questions which I always come across from newbie is, the vape juice and Juul pod comes in different nicotine level, what should be the right nicotine strength to start with. There is no standard answer for this question, and it depends on how many cigarettes do you smoke on a daily basis?

This may seem like a bit of a random question, but this will help you to determine what sort of nicotine strength in Juul Pod would be right for you. For example, if you are a heavy smoker that likes a very strong cigarette, you’ll probably want to look at something like 50mg/ml, which offer one of the strongest nicotine strengths in pod that we’ve come across so far (5%). I’ve also found that it is good for strong throat hit and plenty of vapor. They also have 3% Juul pod too, and I’ve found that to be strong enough for most regular to heavy smokers.

If you’re looking for more light option, you might find refillable Juul pod better option as you have liberty to use Pod Juice of various strength using DIY as well. You have refillable juul pods as well as vape juice available for sale at ELiquid Depot. The best part with pod vape juice is it tastes like “regular” cigarettes and gives the smoke appropriately!

For more information on available Juul pod flavor, check out guide available at – you’ll find out more about the different strengths and flavors, plus the cheapest and best places to buy them, the best tasting ones, and the ones that you should avoid at all costs.

The second most encountered question is where will you be vaping your Juul system? This may sound like an odd question, but people don’t always use vapes in the same way as everyone else. I have one guy in my team, for example, that only uses his Juul device when he’s at home, choosing to smoke “regular” cigarettes when he is out and about. He is still saving money, no longer needs to smoke out on the porch in the wind and rain, and is planning on quitting entirely “eventually” …

If you are going to be using your vape device at home, you could go for standard vape device as well. When you see the listing of products at ELiquid Depot webstore, you’ll notice it’s a bit too big to be using when you’re out and about — it won’t fit in most people’s pockets but more economical. But if you want something versatile and long-lasting, with enough vapor and throat hit to satisfy your nicotine cravings, then Juul pod is the solution! Unlike other vaporizer, it is an easy-to-use device that provides a real alternative to cigarettes.

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